Lia was born in Macomb, Michigan where she grew up with several pet dogs and cats. Since she was a little girl, she always wanted to become a veterinarian but, as she grew, Lia was unsure how she could handle the less pleasant parts of the career. It was when she was searching for what college she wanted to attend that she realized she loved working with animals. She wanted to help the sick.

Originally, Lia attended the Colorado State University where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Anatomy and Physiology. Later on, she heard about the opening of the University of Arizona’s Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program from a previous mentor. Lia is set to graduate August 2023.

Olivia, the student representative of Colorado State University and a former technician at Craig Road Animal Hospital, told Lia about the externship program offered there.

In her free time, Lia likes to explore the outdoors and partakes in activities that allows her to do so. Hiking, rock climbing, trail running, scenic driving and even horseback riding are all activities she partakes in. Today she lives with two pets of her own, a dog and cat.

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