Emily is from Gallatin, Tennessee, where her lifelong love for animals began during her childhood, surrounded by a diverse array of furry and scaly companions: dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, hamsters, and even a ball python.

Her journey towards veterinary medicine started during her senior year in high school when she was tasked with researching various career paths. It was then that the allure of veterinary medicine captivated her, aligning perfectly with her desire for a career marked by perpetual learning, public service, and the opportunity to interact with a variety of creatures.

Following her undergraduate studies at the University of Tennessee, Emily is currently on her path towards achieving her dream of becoming a veterinarian at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, with an anticipated graduation date in 2024.

Emily’s passion is riding horses. Her summers and weekends were predominantly spent in the show arena, where she would ride her quarter horses in a multitude of events. Beyond this, she finds joy in activities like hiking, kayaking, indulging in video games, exploring breweries with friends, and cherishing moments with her 6-year-old beagle, two leopard geckos named Cleo and Apollo, a crested gecko named Dorito, and a betta fish named Finnagen.