Keishla, originally from Puerto Rico, had a love for animals at a young age, growing up with many dogs including Labs and a Husky. This passion was further fueled by watching nature documentaries and shows on Animal Planet, leading her to a particular interest in wildlife and conservation.
Before Keishla even knew what a vet was, she was certain she wanted to work with animals. This aspiration was reinforced through her high school math and science classes, and followed her into her undergraduate studies where she majored in Biology at the University of Puerto Rico. During her time there, she joined the pre-vet club and volunteered at a clinic near her home.
Keishla was accepted into Purdue University’s veterinary school, located in Indiana, through the Vet Up summer program, which offers a crash course on what veterinary school is like to minority students. Keishla has always had an interest in exotics and has externed at two zoos and a wildlife center, gaining significant hands-on experience.
She has an expected graduation of May 2024.
Keishla is passionate about giving back to her community and making a change in the world, especially regarding exotic animals and wildlife.
During this externship, Keishla is looking forward to enhancing her surgical skills and learning from different doctors to compare techniques. She values mentorship and finds being a mentor herself incredibly rewarding. In her spare time, she enjoys napping, watching shows and movies, playing video games, going to the gym, and spending time with friends. She has a traveling cat named Nube, an older dog named Scooby, and two brown Labs named Hershey and Bear.