Originally from Puerto Rico, Maria’s journey was inspired by her older sister, a practicing doctor, she initially contemplated a career in human medicine. But her childhood, filled with the companionship of dogs, cats, and her father’s cockatiels, led her heart towards a different path – veterinary medicine.
Her educational journey took her to the University of Puerto Rico, where she earned her undergraduate degree. Here, she had the opportunity to be part of research with the Caribbean Primates Research Center which was a life-changing experience. However, a defining moment in her life came when her dog, Mimi, had a pyometra. Maria’s involvement in Mimi’s treatment process deepened her desire to work with animals, confirming her decision to pursue veterinary medicine.
Despite English being her second language and still trying to adjust to a different culture, Maria’s determination never faltered and she continued to push forward. She is currently studying at Tuskegee University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, with her expected graduation in May 2024.
Maria has always aspired to serve as a beacon for her community, aiming to inspire others who share her roots. She believes in the power of representation and hopes to encourage more people from her background to explore and succeed in the field of veterinary medicine.
During this externship, Maria is excited to gain hands-on experience and further refine her skills. She is also excited about exploring Las Vegas. She has already made trips to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, and she looks forward to discovering more of what the city has to offer.
In her spare time, she delves into a variety of interests. She loves beach days and discovering new places to eat. She also enjoys hiking and spending quality time in nature. But nothing tops her list of favorite pastimes like spending time with her dog, Kenai.