Monica’s upbringing in Anchorage, Alaska, was marked by her close companionship with a diverse array of pets – rabbits, doves, a cockatiel, a leopard gecko, a Labrador, skinks, a fancy corn snake, a fire belly toad, and an assortment of fish. This early bond with animals ignited her lifelong ambition to become a veterinarian, a path she chose at the age of 10.

Her educational journey started at the University of Fairbanks Alaska, where she began her veterinary pursuits. Currently on track to graduate in August 2024, Monica is immersed in her veterinary studies at the University of Arizona’s School of Veterinary Medicine.

Monica’s devotion to animals extends to her own pets – Skadi and Doom, two long-haired black cats.

In her free time, Monica enjoys nature and being near bodies of water, aligning perfectly with her love for animals and nature.