Each month we will introduce you to a staff member allowing you to get to know the people who care for your pets.



MIchelleMichelle – Receptionist

Michelle was born in Bronx, New York, but has lived in Las Vegas for many years.  She shares her home with her husband, children, 2 dogs, a snake and a bird. 

Michelle was an employee of Lone Mountain Animal Hospital over 10 years ago, she left when her and her husband started their family.  One of Michelle’s favorite memories is holding her babies for the first time. She  also loves going on adventures with her hubby and kids.  Michelle came back to Lone Mountain in 2014.  Many things have changed at LMAH while she was away, but she has acclimated great and we are glad to have her back. 

We asked Michelle the following questions:

If you had just one box for all your stuff what would you put in it?   Makeup

If you won 50 million dollars you would: Buy and island for hubby and me.  Invest the money and share with my kids.




Caren – Licensed Veterinary Technician



Caren is originally from California and shares her home with her 2 corgi’s, one tortoise, one hamster and one fish.  She attended  CSN (College of Southern Nevada) – veterinary technician program where she graduated with honors, just as she did in high school.  Caren was originally hired at our sister hospital Craig Road Animal Hospital, but when we needed help she volunteered to join our staff.  Caren loves hanging out with her family and enjoys drawing, puzzles, movies and roller coasters.

Caren really does not like people who text and drive, so make sure you follow the road rules around her, although she no longer drivers her first car which was a 95 Pontiac Sunfire.  If she finds out you are headed to Australia she may try to tag along, so watch your bags.

When we asked Caren two very important questions she answered as follows:

If you had just one box for all your possessions what would you put in it? cell phone, laptop, photo albums, puzzles (she did say she likes to do puzzles) and favorite horse models.

If you had 50 million dollars I would: Travel the world, buy a house, horses and exotic animals.