“Rex” (Desert Tortoise)

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Rex is an extraordinary tortoise. He has a warm, cozy den, fit for a king.  His subterranean palace has a long hall with a great big master bedroom.  During the winter, he spends all of his time there.  In the summer, he comes out and knocks on his landlord’s back door where he is accustomed to nothing but the best service for the beginning of his summer feast.  His favorite foods are broccoli, cauliflower and apples, all mixed together; and for dessert, nothing better than dandelions and rose petals.  After he feasts, he likes to come into his Landlord’s house where he takes his usual and customary tour of the house to make sure all is in order.  Upon completion, he returns to the outside where he basks in the warm sun and occasionally gets his head and legs cleaned by his very protective and favorite companion, Angel.  Angel is a pit-bull chow-chow mix.  Both of them have been patients of Lone Mountain Animal Hospital for 16 years. 

 “Rex” has been voted “Pet of the Month” for December by the doctors and staff at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital.

Congratulations “Rex”

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Entry Instructions for Pet of the Month
Entry is limited to current clients and pets of Lone Mountain Animal Hospital. You may enter any species of pet… dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, turtles… we love them all! Submit your pet’s photo and include a short biography about your pet, favorite activities, and why your pet is special to you. You can submit this information in person or remotely by email or postal mail.

Via email, please click here to send the requested information. Send photos in .JPG format (limit two photos up to 100Mb total).

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NOTE: You need only enter once. Each month, your entry will still be valid and considered for upcoming months. We look forward to hearing from you!


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