Originally from Connecticut, Brooke developed her love for animals at a young age, surrounded by a variety of pets including Australian shepherds, cats, chickens, fish, a horse, guinea pigs, and otterhounds. This early interaction with animals, particularly horses, grew into a deep-rooted interest that she pursued academically.

Brooke’s dedication to animal welfare was evident in her high school years when she volunteered at an equine retirement farm and a dog shelter. Her commitment to animal care continued into her undergraduate years. She took on multiple roles including an internship at Connecticut Beardsley Zoo where she worked with hoof stock, giant anteaters, wolves, and even assisted in butterfly research. She also worked at a pet store, a mixed animal practice, an emergency room, and a small animal general practice, often juggling two or three jobs while maintaining her studies.

Brooke earned degrees in Equine Science and Biology from Post University in Connecticut. It was during her sophomore year that she decided to further pursue veterinary medicine.

Brooke is currently studying at Mississippi State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and is set to graduate in May 2025.

This is Brooke’s first time in Las Vegas, and she’s excited to visit a local punk rock museum during her stay. During her externship, she is keen on gaining more experience with avian patients and she holds a particular interest in exotic companion mammals like rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs.

In her free time, Brooke enjoys horseback riding, visiting coffee shops, and reading. She also loves spending time with her two dogs: Maple, a Pitbull, and Kenai, an Otterhound.


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