Introducing Marguerite, the newest extern at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital!

Marguerite is from the Jackson, Mississippi area and is currently a fourth-year student at Mississippi State University. For as long as she could remember, Marguerite knew she wanted to become a veterinarian. She received her Bachelor’s from the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. After graduating from Southern Mississippi, Marguerite worked at a small veterinary clinic before graduating with a Master’s degree from Mississippi College. 

During her time at Mississippi State, Marguerite volunteered with a student-run, rescue organization as part of the Homeward Bound Group.

“It’s an affiliate of Mississippi State, and there’s two different sectors, a dog and a cat portion, and I was part of the cat group,” she said. “I was responsible for the medical records, the shot records, everything like that. We were responsible for making sure all of the kittens were able to get fosters and get them medical care and turn them out for adoption. That was a really rewarding experience.”

Marguerite heard about the externship program at Lone Mountain during an expo Mississippi State was hosting in the summer of 2019. One of her classmates who was helping with the expo spoke to Marguerite about the program. She was also drawn to Lone Mountain as a way to gain more experience with exotics. Her interests in animal medicine include ophthalmology and surgery. Marguerite said she’s also interested in business entrepreneurship and hopes to open her own private practice one day.

“I’m excited to get hands-on experience with exotics and learn as much as I can from the different doctors,” she said. “I’ve only been exposed to smaller practices, with one or two doctors, and this is a much bigger practice. So, I’m looking forward to different skills I can learn and all the different things they’re willing to teach me, that way I bring it back there and show other people all the different things we have available to us in this industry.”

In her spare time, Marguerite likes to exercise, take her dogs for walks with her husband, and sit out by the lake near their house to enjoy the fresh air. In addition to her two dogs, Marguerite also owns three cats and five snakes. 

Welcome aboard, Marguerite!