“Rex” (Desert Tortoise) Rex is an extraordinary tortoise. He has a warm, cozy den, fit for a king.  His subterranean palace has a long hall with a great big master bedroom.  During the winter, he spends all of his time there.  In the summer, he comes out and knocks on his landlord’s back door where he is accustomed to nothing but the best service for the beginning of his summer feast.  His favorite foods are broccoli, cauliflower and apples, all mixed together; and for dessert, nothing better than dandelions and rose petals.  After he feasts, he likes to come into his Landlord’s house where he takes his usual and customary tour of the house to make sure all is in order.  Upon completion, he returns to the outside where he basks in the warm sun and occasionally gets his head and legs cleaned by his very protective and favorite companion, Angel.  Angel is a pit-bull chow-chow mix.  Both of them have been patients of Lone Mountain Animal Hospital for 16 years.

“Kole” (Domestic Short Hair) Kole came to our family quite unexpected.  We brought our hamster, Pumpkin, in tokole board and my son asked to see the room Pumpkin would be boarding in.  Tucked back in the corner of a cage were two baby kittens.  The male came to the edge of the cage and my son and I instantly fell in love with him.  We had never previously considered adoption, but it was clear to us we could not bear the thought of not having this little guy as a part of our family. Kole is a precious addition to our home. This was meant to be! The men and women at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital have been so wonderful to us.  They are always so happy to see Kole and Pumpkin when they arrive.  If you have the time and love to give, we highly encourage adoption of a pet of your choice. It has been a blessing to our family. “Kole” has been voted “Pets of the Month” for November by the doctors and staff at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital. Congratulations “Kole”

“Junior”  (Golden Doodle)junior pet of the month Junior is a 3 year old Golden Doodle.  We have had the privilege of sharing his life since he was 8 weeks old.  Junior loves everyone and everyone loves Junior.  He has such a happy and friendly and outgoing personality. He either loves or hates TV remote controllers.  He has destroyed a total of 13 controllers so far! Junior loves to go to Lone Mountain Animal Hospital, the staff is always so friendly and are experts in their field. We have used the  Lone Mountain Animal Hospital for all of our pet needs for the past 20 years. “Junior” has been voted “Pets of the Month” for October by the doctors and staff at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital. Congratulations Junior

tanner pet of the month

“Tanner” (Labrador Retriever) Tanner’s humans write:  Tanner joined our family in March 2007.  A wild child Marley reincarnated he is!  He loves people and giving kisses.  He starts our days and ends our nights in the most beautiful way.  Mr. Personality who makes you smile. We were so fortunate to have found Lone Mountain Animal Hospital and have been clients since 2001.  The doctor’s and staff are truly kind hearted, gentle souls.  They are not just a veterinary clinic—to us, they are family. “Tanner” has been voted “Pet of the Month” for September by the doctors and staff at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital. Congratulations “Tanner”

Rosebud“Rosebud” (Shih Tzu) From the beginning Rosebud has been the sweetest puppy in the litter. Rosebud came into our lives on July 13, 2013, a very lucky day for our family. When she joined our home she brought nothing but joy and love. Rosebud is extremely high energy and loves to run and play with our daughter. Along with giving an abundance of kisses, she loves to jump and nip, with love of course.  We chose Lone Mountain hospital after going to a big box pet shop where an employee suggested Lone Mountain as a caring place for pets. After our first services we agreed and we’ve been coming every since for pet services and boarding. Lone Mountain is a home away from home for Rosebud.  “Rosebud” has been voted “Pet of the Month” for August by the doctors and staff at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital. Congratulations “Rosebud”

“Mango” (Green Wing Macaw)Mango’s human parents write:  Mango is a beautiful Green Wing Macaw that her parents rescued about 2 years ago. Her unique personality provides her parents comic relief on a daily basis.  There are so many endearing qualities about Mango, but one of our favorite things is the way she will climb up in our laps, put her head down for a pet and say “Hi”.  When she is ready for a bath she walks into the bathroom raps on the shower door and then waits until the water is just right to go in!  Bedtime is a breeze as when you tell her it is bedtime she walks right to her cage and gets in.    Mango found Lone Mountain Animal Hospital when a fellow bird lover recommended Dr. Starks.  Dr. Starks has taken the time to get to know Mango and the other bird family members and has taken the time to answer any questions we may have.  Mango and all our birds love Dr. Starks and the team at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital . “Mango” has been voted “Pets of the Month” for July by the doctors and staff at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital. Congratulations “Mango”

Tigger” (Domestic Short Hair)My name is Tigger.  I am 10 years old this month.  I was found by my adoptive parents in a field in Utah.  I was brought to Dr. White as a kitten.  Dr. White gave me fluids as I was extremely  dehydrated.  My parents bottle fed me until I was strong enough to eat solid food.  I have travelled over 32,000 miles and enjoy being brushed, love to be around clean laundry fresh out of the dryer and sunning myself in the backyard.  I have a double jointed paw which allows me to run and jump to turn around and go in the other direction.  The staff at Lone Mountain love when I stay for a visit, just like I love to go there.   My human parents have owned over two dozen pets over the years and love that Lone Mountain Animal Hospital is always there for us when we need them.“Tigger” has been voted “Pets of the Month” for May by the doctors and staff at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital. Congratulations “Tigger”

Destiny and Spike” (Desert Tortoise)destiny and spikeDestiny and Spikes mom  says:  Spike and Destiny are Mojave Desert tortoises born in Blue Diamond, Nevada in the Spring of 2010. They came to live with us in June of that year. Nearly four years later, we still refer to them as “the babies.” We love them! We ask one another, “Did you check on the babies? How are the babies? Has anyone fed the babies?” We recently hosted a dinner party featuring  entertainment provided by our pet rat, Ignat. Unbeknownst to us, the rat was not properly returned to her cage. The next morning, much to our horror, we discovered Destiny and Spike had suffered greatly at the hands (teeth) of Ignat. Fortunately, with the incredible care provided by Dr. Lee and our wonderful friends at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital, our sweet babies survived the “Great Rat Mauling of 2014” and are currently thriving, albeit with three legs instead of four.  “Spike and Destiny” has been voted “Pets of the Month” for April by the doctors and staff at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital.  Congratulations “Destiny and Spike”

rocket star

March 2014 “Rockett Starr” (African Grey) Say hello to Rockett Starr our March, she was adopted from Southern Nevada Parrot Education Rescue and Rehoming (SNPERR).  Rockett Starr’s human parents tell us she is 16 years young and started feather plucking this year, which is why she wears a collar and you will notice less feathers than normal.  She was an absolutely beautiful before she started to feather pluck.  SNPERR recommended we see Dr. Starks to help with Rockett Starr’s feather plucking.  With his patience and expertise he has been the main instrument in finding a solution to turn this problem around.  He is well versed in behavior problems and has the ability to convey answers to the owners in terms we understand. Rockett Starr is currently undergoing therapy laser treatment and we are seeing feather regrowth.  hrough all of this Rockett Starr has been a pleasure to have at home, she says “Be Careful” when we leave the house among many other words including “I love you”   “RockettStarr” has been voted “Pet of the Month” for March by the doctors and staff at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital. Congratulations “Rockett Starr”

February 2014 “Jackson” (Fila Brasileirojackson pet of th emont)
My Family discovered Lone Mountain Animal Hospital sometime in the late 90’s. Since then they have been a constant source of care and comfort to all of our 4 legged friends. I could go on endlessly with stories of praise & gratitude, but have decided to just share “our” most recent triumph. Last month, my 2 year old Fila Brasileiro, Jackson, became very ill. Both before & after surgery he required round the clock care. Leaving him behind was absolute torture! You see, Jax, true to his breed, does NOT make friends easily (if @ all)… I imagined him alone and suffering, feeling abandoned and depressed. Well, thankfully, the dedicated and compassionate Doctors and staff were determined to win him over. Through kindness, patience, and endless treats, they were able to achieve a level of mutual trust & affection I hadn’t dreamed possible outside the family. Thankfully, their tireless efforts and compassion did not end there. I was kept constantly reassured and informed for the week and a half that my best friend was in their care. Followed by, endless support and concern until he was fully recovered. We will be forever grateful to you all! Much love, the Curtis family. “Jackson” has been voted “Pet of the Month” for February by the doctors and staff at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital. Congratulations “Jackson”

January 2014 “Sheldon” (Desert Tortoise)
Sheldon Basket Jan 2014Sheldon’s human parents write: In October 2010, a friend of ours found a baby desert tortoise on a shelf at the pet store where she worked. She knew the school we worked at housed desert tortoises, so she asked us to take him to school. That was the plan, but once we got him home, we fell in love and decided to make him a member of our family.
We were referred to Dr. Lee at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital because of her experience with desert tortoises. We loved Dr. Lee and the welcoming atmosphere the staff created. A few months ago, Sheldon got very sick. He was not responding to his medicine and he wouldn’t eat. Dr. Lee helped us make the decision to put in a feeding tube. We have had the privilege of working with most of the doctors and staff during our many check-up visits. We have been so impressed with the service and care provided to Sheldon, and to us. Everyone knows Sheldon and his picnic basket, and asks about his progress whenever we come in. He is always loved, given plenty of attention, and never leaves without a fully decorated bandage. We can’t think of a better place, or better people, to care for our little guy.“Sheldon” has been voted “Pet of the Month” for January by the doctors and staff at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital.

Congratulations “Sheldon”

December 2013 “Mugsy and Moose” (Pugs)
Mugsy and Moose {from left to right in photo} – formerly from Manhattan and now live in Las Vegas. These pug brothers are called “The Babies” by everyone who knows them personally. They are from the same litter and have never been separated from each other in their lives. This photo is from their parents’ wedding this past September. They couldn’t make the long flight back east, but Grandma had them secretly photographed by a professional photographer while she was babysitting one weekend and then had the picture transferred to a large canvas. This photo was waiting on an easel at the end of the aisle as the two daddies made their way out of their ceremony! They love to cuddle and do tricks for treats. They also like to yell when they don’t get their way! These two boys bring constant love and snuggly affection to their daddies, newlyweds Jeff Knaggs and Thom Culcasi.

Mugsy and Moose visit Lone Mountain Animal Hospital for routine care, vaccines and senior wellness testing and any other little medical issues that may pop up. The staff at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital LOVE to see the boys walk in the door and give extra special hugs in the treatment area from all the staff.

“Mugsy and Moose” has been voted “Pet of the Month” by the doctors and staff at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital.

Congratulations “Mugsy and Moose”

“Gigi Marie” (Papitese)
Gigi MarieLas Vegas, bright “eyed and bushy tailed. She is extremely independent and defiant. We call her the little terrorist as far as Capri the cat is concerned. Gigi loves to play fetch and runs right past you with the ball, Frisbee, branch or shoe, but then returns it for more play. She loves to dance, I think it is some sort of ballroom twirl that is her favorite. She is very well on her way to becoming a puppy gardner” even in the hard Las Vegas dirt she can dig down a good foot. Not sure if she is trying to escape! Those ears of hers draw quite a lot of attention no matter where we are.

“Gigi Marie” has been voted “Pet of the Month” by the doctors and staff at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital. Congratulations “Gigi Marie”

November 2013 – My name is Bingo
nov13Bingo is a 4 year old Terrier mix. He found his parents at the Animal Foundation when he was just a year old. He loves to play ball and often carries it around. Bingo also loves going on car rides. One of his favorite places is to visit is Lone Mountain Animal Hospital. Bingo has sensitive tummy issues which require a special food that he gets from LMAH so he gets to visit frequently. His friends there love to sing to him (his favorite song is B-I-N-G-O)! He enjoys the attention and the great care they give him. Going on walks is also one of Bingos favorite things to do. After a long day of playing ball, visiting his friends at LMAH and going on a walk, Bingo loves a belly rub & a snuggle. “Bingo” has been voted “Pet of the Month” by the doctors and staff at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital. Congratulations “Bingo”

Ocober 2013 – My name is Coco
oct13Meet Coco an 8 -1⁄2 year old Beagle. She is a sweet little girl who has had a few medical complications over the years including a major ACL surgery in early 2012. She recovered great from her surgery to be able to play with her brother, who is also a Beagle. We love seeing Coco her brother and her human mom at the hospital. “Coco” has been voted “Pet of the Month” by the doctors and staff at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital. Congratulations “Coco”


September 2013 – My name is Gidget
sep13Gidget is an 8 year old starling. She came into our lives at the tender age of 7-9 days when her parents were not to be found. The local vet at the time was a great help in teaching us how to care for Gidget. Gidget is a very smart starling, she learned how to open her cage door less than a week after being placed in it and she also has a large vocabulary and is able to appropriately synthesize phrases! Gidget will tell us “Gidget want a bath” She also says Gidget is a good girl, Gidget is a pretty girl, Gidget is a smart girl? Gidget has been spending a little more time at Lone Mountain Animal hospital under the care of Dr. Lee.


August 2013 – My name is Mini Patch
aug13Say hello to our August pet of the month, Mini Patch. Mini Patch, a domestic medium hair, is a bit shy, but never complains and is always very relaxed when she visits Lone Mountain Animal Hospital. Mini Patch has always had to deal with dental issues, but with great care and persistence from her human mom and dad she is now healthy and happy and enjoying feeling better. The staff at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital loves to see her visit and spoils her a bit when she boards with us.


July 2013 – My name is Lacey
jul13Lacey is a six year old Lhasa Apso who loves to roll over and beg to have her belly rubbed. She is also very playful with a tennis ball and dares her siblings to get the ball from her. Lacey has had many health issues the past year, thinking she has recovered 100%, the doctors would find some other issue that would need special attention. However, it looks like we finally got a handle on her health after she just went through major cystotomy surgery to have bladder stones and treat a urinary tract infection. Because of her past health issues, the doctors were concerned if Lacey would fully recover after surgery but Lacey bounced back 110% and is now back to ball chasing, harassing her siblings and pleading to have that belly rubbed. When taking Lacey to visit the doctor for her checkups, she wags her tail when we check in because she knows she will get that loving treatment from the front desk . The whole staff at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital treat Lacey like family and she knows it. Lacey says: “More belly rubs please?”. Congratulations “Lacey”


June 2013 – My name is Ducky
jun13Say hello to “Ducky” our June pet of the month, Ducky is a 3 year old Meyers Parrot. Recently Ducky had to spend a few days at our hospital due to a leg wound. He is a spunky bird and liked to try and take his bandage off to see what it looked like! Ducky’s mom and dad were very diligent about making sure he came in for bandage changes and making sure the leg was healing well. Their love and care certainly paid off and Ducky is doing so much better. Congratulations “Ducky”


April 2013 – My name is Gsxr
apr13Say hello to April’s pet of the month, Gsxr , a sweet 9 year old English Bulldog. Gsxr has visited us frequently over the years for allergies and recently spent his days with the staff at Lone Mountain animal hospital after his toe amputation. Gsxr hung out in treatment and watched the staff to make sure they were keeping in line. Gsxr was great when it was time to give care to his toe, he would roll over and make sure we would rub his belly. The staff especially loved his nap time when he would snore a beautiful melody for everyone! Congratulations “Gsxr”


February 2013 – My name is Juno
feb13My mom says: “Meet Juno, we found him at the Animal Foundation after we lost our dog of 17 years. I wasnâ’t sure I would know who to pick until I saw this sad little dog. He was filthy, emaciated and had frost bite to both his ears, but had these big brown eyes that looked like someone outlined them with eyeliner. I noticed on the kennel card that he was being evaluated for euthanasia and knew at that moment he was coming home with me. He could not come home with me that night, but when he came home the next day his dad saw him for the first time and asked “What are we going to do with him?” I replied “Love him” and that is what we have done every day. Juno is that dog who loves every other animal, loves people and they love him, makes sure he protects people and animals that need protection and is known in the neighborhood for his wardrobe and jewelry. He even knows how to do things the first time we ask without ever being taught by us, it amazes us and leaves us puzzled! It breaks our heart on the days he does not feel good and has to go to Lone Mountain Animal Hospital, but we know he is getting the best possible care.


January 2013 – My name is Winnie Arf!
jan13I’m Winnie, a 10 year young Pomeranian. I’m cute and I know it! For 9 years, my Mom and I have been doing therapy at Willow Creek Memory Care for Alzheimer’s dementia residents. I love them and they love me. They love to pet my long, soft fur, I can sometimes calm anxious residents and you will even hear them say “This is the best thing that has happened to me today”. Most love kisses on their cheeks, sometimes, I surprise them with a kiss on the end of their nose – this really makes them laugh!! The residents say my breath smells clean, thanks to my yearly dental cleaning at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital, which we have been going to for many, many years.At home, I like to curl up in bed with my Dad. My big Husky sister, Sasha, and I look out for each other. I taught Sasha how to give one bark to get in and out!!! My family loves Sasha and me very much. “Winnie” has been voted “Pet of the Month” for January by the doctors and staff at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital. Congratulations “Winnie”


December 2012 – My name is Austin
dec12This is Austin, he’s a 14 year old Poodle and an important member of our family. We adopted him when he was 3. He’s smart and playful and although he is losing his hearing he still manages to know when we’re in the kitchen making kid’s school lunches or cooking dinner so he has the chance to ask for a snack. Austin has a poodle brother named Tucker who doesn’t see very well so Austin does the seeing and his brother Tucker does the hearing. Austin recently had a dental at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital and feels “Oh so much better now”. This picture is of Austin after his surgery recently, he felt great and had a super recovery! “Austin” has been voted “Pet of the Month” for December by the doctors and staff at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital. Congratulations “Austin”


November 2012 – My name is Peanut
nov12Peanut’s parents write: Peanut was adopted from a shelter in Indianapolis almost 12 years ago. He was a playful kitten and loved running up and down the stairs and playing “peek-a-boo” from behind the curtains and blinds and making friends with everyone he met. He moved to Las Vegas eight years ago, enjoying the car ride in the back window and getting honks from other cars. With good veterinary care, in the last year he has overcome cavities, a chest infection, and a bout with diabetes. He enjoys his days playing at home, cackling at the birds, bringing love and joy to his owner, and looks forward to “Grandma” coming to visit again this winter. “Peanut” has been voted “Pet of the Month” for November by the doctors and staff at Lone Mountain Congratulations “Peanut”.




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