Please welcome Kaitlyn, one of the newest externs to join the family at Lone Mountain Anima Hospital!

Kaitlyn was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri. Her interest in veterinary care started when Kaitlyn was in the third grade. Later on, in high school, she developed a passion for exotic animals and zoo medicine.

For her first two years of college, Kaitlyn attended Saint Charles Community College in Cottleville, Missouri. Before attending veterinary school, she took classes at the University of Missouri, Saint Louis. She is currently attending the University of Missouri, Colombia and is set to graduate in May 2022.

Before externing at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital, Kaitlyn partook in two other externships. Her first was in her home town of Saint Louis at the Wild Bird Sanctuary and her second was much further from home, in Arizona, at an emergency vet clinic. Kaitlyn came to learn about the externship program at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital from a presentation given at her school.

While externing at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital, Kaitlyn wants to gain more experience with exotic pets such as reptiles, birds, farm animals and pocket pets. Her knowledge lies more with zoo animals rather than pets and her ultimate goal is to go into zoo medicine.

In the warmer months, Kaitlyn loves to go swimming with her pet dog and her family. She is very family oriented and enjoys spending time with them. At home, Kaitlyn has two fish, an Angelfish named Flow and a Betta fish named Rain, a pet snail named Geralt and a sweet, six-year-old, pit bull named Serious.

Welcome to the team, Kaitlyn!


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