Please welcome Katherine, one of the newest externs to join the family at Lone Mountain Anima Hospital!

          Katherine, who hails from Hockessin Delaware, always had an interest for the veterinary field since she was very young. Both of Katherine’s parents were vets themselves so Katherine was exposed to animals of all kinds growing up. “I was able to see the good and the bad to veterinary field,” she said, “I figured out I could get over that. I loved watching surgeries and reading radiographs.”

           For her undergrad, Katherine attended the Elizabeth Town College in Pennsylvania and majored in Biology. For most of her schooling, Katherine attended the Saint George University but transferred over to the University of Pennsylvania for her fourth year. Katherine is currently aiming to become a Small Animal General Practitioner.

            Katherine came to learn about the externship at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital when the one she was to attend cancelled due to covid-19. After searching, she came across the Lone Mountain website which went into detail about its own program. Katherine hopes to refine her time management and general paperwork skills while there.

            In her free time, Katherine enjoys swimming and spending time by the beaches back in her home town with her dog, Stella. While here in Las Vegas, she hopes to take in the natural sights such as Death Valley and Red Rock Canyon.

             Welcome to the team, Katherine!


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