Lone Mountain Animal Hospital Externship Program: Brooke

Please give a warm welcome to Brooke, the newest extern to join the family at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital! Brooke is a fourth-year student veterinary medical student at North Carolina State University (NC State) and will graduate in 2022. She is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina but relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina for her college career. Growing up, Brooke said she wanted to become a dolphin trainer. She said that was her goal until she attended high school and realized…

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Exotics Care & Wellness at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital

At Lone Mountain Animal Hospital, we are more than happy to help you take care of your feathered, scaley, or furry friend! Between all the vaccinations and wellness appointments, all this new information can feel a little overwhelming. But there’s no need to fear! The staff at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital are here to answer any questions you may have about your pet. We even broke down all the necessary information you’ll need to know as a new pet owner…

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Dogs & Rattlesnake Bites

If you plan on taking your dog outdoors this summer, make sure they’re protected from rattlesnake bites! Dr. Tiffany Moore explains how the rattlesnake vaccine buys you and your pet time in the event of a rattlesnake bite, and how the vaccine works to protect your dog against snake bites.

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