Please give a warm welcome to Brooke, the newest extern to join the family at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital!

Brooke is a fourth-year student veterinary medical student at North Carolina State University (NC State) and will graduate in 2022. She is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina but relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina for her college career. Growing up, Brooke said she wanted to become a dolphin trainer. She said that was her goal until she attended high school and realized how competitive the field was.

“So, I explored other options and that’s how I landed on vet med, plus NC State has a really good program and that helped me decide that this was what I wanted to do,” Brooke said. 

Brooke received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from NC State and took a gap year after graduating to gain some work experience and prepare her application to veterinary medical school. Some of her volunteer experience includes working with local turtles that have been hurt or injured that are brought to NC State for treatment. Brooke has also shadowed at various animal shelters and hospitals in North Carolina. 

Brooke said she heard about the externship program at Lone Mountain from her classmate Amy, who is also the student representative for the program. Brooke thought the program sounded interesting and that it was a good opportunity to see things that she usually isn’t exposed to on the East Coast. She said this was her first time visiting Las Vegas and that she’s excited to see other parts of the country.

With her externship, Brooke said she’s excited to see the variety of cases and being exposed to more exotic pets, as well as gaining more practical experience outside the classroom. Brooke said she still loves dogs and cats and enjoys other areas of animal medicine such as internal medicine and behavior training. She hopes to work for a clinic that caters to small animals and exotics. 

In her spare time, Brooke likes scrapbooking, painting, and going to Zumba. She also likes to swim, hike, and visit the beach if she has time. She has two Domestic Shorthair Cats named Dax and Porky, and an albino Ball Python named Mr. Feathers.

Welcome aboard, Brooke! We’re happy to have you with us!