Holidays and Your Pets, Tips to save a visit to your vet.

HOLIDAYS AND YOUR PETS, Tips to save a visit to your vet. By:  Veterinarian Dr. Taylor Parker of Lone Mountain Animal Hospital – Las Vegas, Nevada  Happy Holidays! Here are a few tips to consider during this holiday season  Avoid feeding your pets holiday food –          Most foods are too rich for our pets and can cause vomiting, diarrhea and anorexia. –          Bones may be present in the turkey or ham; this can be dangerous if ingested and may cause…

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Meet Our Staff at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital

By: Lone Mountain Animal Hospital  Each month we will introduce you to a staff member allowing you to get to know the people who care for your pets. Amber – Receptionist Amber, a true Las Vegas native,  worked for LMAH in 2007, left our hospital to work on the people side of medicine.  We lured her back in 2011  to the animal world and has been a steady rock in reception ever since.    You might notice Amber always has a…

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Are we loving our pet into obesity?

Janie, an exam room assistant at Lone Mountain Animal Hospital of Las Vegas, talks about a personal experience with pet obesity.                               We adopted Prince when he was just four months old. He was the cutest black Labrador retriever I’ve ever laid eyes upon. He was smart too, already potty-trained and understood basic commands by the time we brought him home. Our family loved him and we…

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Heartworms: What are they and how to prevent them

Veterinarian Mary Lee of Lone Mountain Animal Hospital in North West Las Vegas discusses how heartworms can affect your pet’s health and the importance of prevention Heartworms do not discriminate. They can affect any pet in the United States and many other parts of the world. Heartworms can live in dogs, cats, ferrets, and sometimes, even humans. Heartworm cases are found in many urban areas due to coyotes and foxes who are large carriers of the disease. Heartworm disease can…

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New addition to the pet family? Find out how to introduce to the other family members.

Veterinarian Talia Gattenuo of Lone Mountain Animal Hospital in North West Las Vegas discusses how to help introduce a new addition into a multi-pet household. Meeting and greeting. Socialization is important for your dog or cat because it can reduce his stress, and make him more comfortable when encountering new environments, people, and other pets. It can be beneficial for his overall health, making him a friendlier, happier, and more predictable companion. Under-socialized pets can become aggressive, anxious, shy, and…

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Xylitol – buyer beware, danger to your pets

By:  Doris Calloway, DVM Recently, I’ve noticed that there has been a lot of articles on various social media sites about xylitol and its danger to dogs.  I have had several friends and family forward me articles asking if they were true. Unfortunately, the articles are true.  Xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs (and ferrets!).  Deadly, actually. Xylitol is a low calorie sweetener found in many human products: -Chewing gum -Toothpaste -Breath sprays -Mouthwash -Sugar Free Candy -chewable vitamins and…

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Why can’t my pet get vaccines if they are sick?

By: Doris Calloway DVM   You have to bring Fido to see the vet for his diarrhea.  He’s due for his vaccines, has not been vaccinated yet and you think he may have Parvo, can’t you get his Parvo vaccine now to help him? Unfortunately, the answer is no.     Vaccines are great – they protect against horrible diseases that there are no cures for.  They work by telling the immune system to make antibodies against those diseases. This…

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Meet our staff

Each month we will introduce you to a staff member allowing you to get to know the people who care for your pets.     Michelle – Receptionist Michelle was born in Bronx, New York, but has lived in Las Vegas for many years.  She shares her home with her husband, children, 2 dogs, a snake and a bird.  Michelle was an employee of Lone Mountain Animal Hospital over 10 years ago, she left when her and her husband started their family. …

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Lumps and Bumps

By:  Dr. Calloway I noticed this lump on my pet.  Do I need to be worried about it?”  I get asked this question by animal owners several times a day, about all sorts of lumps and bumps in all sorts of places.  My answer is usually, “well, maybe”.  I know it’s not a very specific answer, but it’s the truth!  The good news is that a lot of the lumps and bumps you can feel on your dogs skin are…

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Ooh – La – La Pet Pampering

Pet pampering  at Lone Mountain Animal hospital of Las Vegas Ooh-la-la love getting pampered?  How about pampering your pooch?   We will be offering a summer pet spa special from June 1st until Labor Day.    Call to book your appointment today 702-645-3116 www.lonemountainanimal 

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