Ooh – La – La Pet Pampering

Pet pampering  at Lone Mountain Animal hospital of Las Vegas Ooh-la-la love getting pampered?  How about pampering your pooch?   We will be offering a summer pet spa special from June 1st until Labor Day.    Call to book your appointment today 702-645-3116 www.lonemountainanimal hospital.com 

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Stray wildlife in Las Vegas

 Have you come across a stray rabbit or bird in your yard, neighborhood or just out and about? Dr. Lee talks this month on what you should do when you find stray wildlife.   Spring is here in Las Vegas, and with the warm weather comes young wildlife.  You may come into contact with wildlife that appear to be orphaned or abandoned by their mothers.  The best policy if you encounter wildlife is to leave the animals alone unless they…

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Avian Bornavirus

Dr. Starks talks this month about Avian Bornavirus. Avian Bornavirus (ABV) is a progressive and often fatal disease that causes neurologic symptoms in birds. It is ubiquitous and approximately 1/3 of companion parrots are infected with the virus. Although prevalence is high, most parrots are asymptomatic carriers and not all of these infected birds will demonstrate signs or become ill. Until recently recognition and diagnosis of ABV in parrots was rare. In 2008, ABV was identified as the causative agent…

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Therapy Laser Has Arrived At LMAH!

Laser Therapy for Pets For many years, world-class athletes and thoroughbred race horses have benefitted from laser therapy treatments. Fortunately, this technology is now available for pets. Infrared laser light from therapy lasers harmlessly penetrates deep into tissues where it is absorbed in the cells, and this energy is converted into chemical, not thermal, energy.  In athletic environments, therapy lasers are primarily used to reduce swelling, reduce pain, and speed the healing process. These mechanisms allow veterinarians to successfully treat…

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Dental Month

We always had pets growing up, but I honestly could not tell you where a nearby veterinarian was.  I’m sure my parents never vaccinated their dogs, much less worried about preventative care.  My parents were great care givers and loved our animals, but I think it was the old school attitude that you only saw the vet to euthanize your dog.  As a young adult I adopted the same philosophy as my parents.  As we started introducing pets into our…

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